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Beach in Scotland
Shropshire in September
Apples in Autumn
Distant Sky
Mother Earth
Dreaming about spring
Bird and Berries
A Sunny Summer
An Autumn Landscape
Flying Over The Land
Ingredients For Life
The Bird Woman
I Want to Fly
About Mythology In Ireland
About Pembrokeshire
David And St. Bishop,s Palace
Child Dreaming
Don't Be Sad, I Bring You Flowers
Haverfordwest In Winter
Hi Neighbour, Nice Evening
Hot Summer
I Love Wales
I'm Trying To Catch The Starlings
Scotland And The Deer Hunt
Autumn Time
Sea Impression
Spring Is There
Storm Over The Loch
The Bishop's Palace St Davids, Easter
Spring Woman
Summer Woman
Winter Woman
The Wedding Party
Tired Clowns
Spring Spirit
Inside And Outside
Harvest Time
Morning Song
A Fruitful Walk
Country Life
A Conversation
Looking Forward To The World
The Temptation
After The Crucifixion

All paintings are acrylic on board
This painting is not for sale  Paintings with a blue dot are not for sale